How Beliefs Are Formed – Belief System Can Be Altered

Your sets of beliefs shape your life! You have formed these beliefs subconsciously from your childhood (first seven years) and consciously after that. This is how beliefs are formed.

The source of it could be parents, family, friends, culture, society, experience, media, and the environment. And based on this belief system, you judge yourself and others and situations.

If you check out within you there must be some limiting beliefs that have never supported you to grow in your life. It could be related to any area of your life, like health, career, business, family, etc. 

Some beliefs can be such as: 

  • I am not confident enough.
  • My family does not love me. 
  • Average in my studies. 
  • I am not good at some subjects. 
  • I can never be healthy. 
  • That goal is unachievable for me etc. 

But the truth is all that is an illusion, and you can change such beliefs by changing your perception.

Your perception dictates what you believe and what you do not, what you will challenge and what you will not, what you accept and what you will not.

You can expand your understanding of perception anytime you wish to. And realize that you can be as much of this infinite awareness as you choose to. And the moment you realize this, your entire perspective will change.

The point from which you look at the world completely changes. Suddenly, you do not see pixels anymore but see clear pictures. 

You see patterns and how it all fits together. It was an illusion and a manifestation of your perception of reality! 

If you buy this, you are born with this and cannot change it. Then the program dictates your life. But you can break that because it’s an illusion and just a perceptual program. You can overwrite it by changing self-identity. 

What is belief?

As Wayne w. Dyer says a belief system is nothing more than a thought you’ve thought over and over again.

A belief is a lesson you have learned. It is a decision that you forgot you made about yourself or the world you know.

It is something that you do unconsciously. Because when you decide something to be true, then your brain accepts it. Beliefs are formed which turns into one of your beliefs.

The brain does not want to remember all of the things that you believe from time to time. It then takes it one level deeper. Make those beliefs a part of your identity, which is itself a belief about yourself.

Belief is an idea that you hold to be true. These ideas become ingrained in our consciousness in our early childhood and beliefs are formed about religion, race, others, and yourselves. All these are ideas that are imprinted like seeds in your consciousness.

As a child, you believe them to be true, and as a result, they become true to you, and beliefs are formed. That shaped your perceptions, attitude, feelings, assumptions, expectations about what you call your reality today.

Your beliefs are your guiding principles in life that direct and give meaning in life. They are the pre-existing, organized filter to your perception of the existing world (external and internal). 

When you believe something to be true, your beliefs internally command your brain as to how to respond to what is happening.

Where do your and others’ beliefs originate from? The things which you kept hearing from others since your childhood and even before that. What are the sources? It could be your environment, knowledge, visualization, events, past experiences, and on.

How beliefs are formed?

The belief system is a collection of memories. From the very beginning of your life, the information is drawn and stored in your brain as a memory.

Memory is the reality of your brain by which data or information is encoded into your brain. And stored since from your childhood and beliefs are formed.

In the process of remembering any memory, it can be retrieved. The ability to store and retrieve information helps humans to learn. 

From birth only, through our sensory input (smell, sound, feeling, tastes, sights), every type of information gets recorded. Human beings use this information to make sense of their world.

The source of any type of belief could be knowledge, environment, visualization, events, past experiences, and more. Let’s understand how beliefs are formed by having experience.

The info graphic is a way to understand it better.

Belief after belief creates our unique belief system.

Information flows into the human brain after every awakening moment. The human brain works to organize and categorize this information.

The brain is constantly scanning nearly every other information that flows into the brain. That guides in the process of thinking and decision-making, behavioral patterns.

Whenever the brain gets into a similar situation, it checks what I did last time, when this thought was registered? What is the next step? This systematic process of developing a method to make it look sensible in our world is known as a belief system.

The belief system works as a FILTER. 

The belief system is like a FILTER because it works as a filter for the information which comes into the brain.

Take it like this:

A camera with a red filter lens. What would that red filter do? It will alter all the elements while taking the photograph when it will pass through the red filter to fit according to it.

Consider our belief system to be a red filter lens on a camera, filtering the information that comes in to fit in what is absolute truth for us.

However, the belief system is not always in your favour. Why?

Filters can be beneficial to us, but what if a filter contains a flaw in any particular truth that we believe is true? As a result, that ingrained flaw and will be imbued over the information that passes through the filter.

Overcoming such beliefs is possible, but people have a misconception. That belief is a static and intellectual notion.

Beliefs are nothing but choices we make unconsciously or consciously. Therefore, we have the power to choose or change our limiting beliefs.

Beliefs are more than just a cold mental place; they are linked with emotions. That is the reason why we feel frightened or react with aggression. When we believe something to be true, and it gets challenged by others.

  • Researchers have frequently pointed out that the emotional brain is just not about the hypothalamus, hippocampus, and amygdala locals sections of the brain.  
  • Whatever information we receive from our sensory inputs from the environment is filtered. They travel via one or more synapses and eventually reach the higher processing zone like the frontal lobes. And the sensory info enters into our conscious awareness. 
  • Our beliefs are shaped by the portion of the information that passes through our sensory systems.
  • The expert explained that receptors on the cell membranes are flexible and can be modified in sensitivity and conformations. In simple words, even though we feel stuck in some situation emotionally, there is always a way to change for possible growth in that.

So, the moment we choose to change any of our beliefs and change our thoughts (we burst our neurochemicals!). We become receptive to additional pieces of sensory information that was previously blocked because of our earlier belief.

It works like this: when we change our thinking towards any belief, we change our beliefs, and ultimately, we change our behavior, and beliefs are formed.

Research shows that just by believing positively or negatively, you can alter your belief system.

Medical history is stocked with numerous case studies of the placebo effect (any medical treatment which seems to be real to the patient but is not. It could be in the form of pills, shots, or any other fake treatment). It is effective for a variety of disorders.

Read this remarkable case study:

There was a woman who was suffering from nausea and vomiting. After measuring her gastric contractions, it indicated a disrupted pattern. Which matched the conditions she was complaining about.

Then she was offered some drug that the doctor proclaimed would undoubtedly cure her nausea. Within some time, her nausea vanished.

Thereafter, the very same gastric test disclosed that as a normal pattern when the fact was that she had been given syrup of ipecac (a substance used to induce nausea).

What happened is when an authority figure gave her syrup with the strong suggestion that it would relieve her nausea, it acted as a complement to the brain. She believed it and activated a cascade of self-operating biochemical responses within her body.

This case study indicates that the influence of a placebo could be more powerful than the expected drug effect. The important part here is to observe that the placebo response according to the individual gives meaning to the disorder or any illness. 

The individual’s belief or interpretation (internally represented) towards any disorder or illness controls the biological response or behavior.

There is research that indicates that our interpretation of what we see or experience can alter our physiology. 

All symptoms of medicine work according to our beliefs. It works by finely transforming the unknown disease or disorder into something known to the patient. Then name, control, and explained by the doctor can calm down the brain alarm reaction.

Just as an astonishingly life-affirming placebo is the reverse of it is Nocebo, which plays its part too. It is related to negative, depressing, or potentially life-threatening beliefs.

A psychiatrist named Arthur Barsky states that it is up to the patient’s expectations and beliefs whether a drug or procedure works or will have any side effects. It plays a crucial role in the outcome.

The biochemistry of our body comes from our awareness. Our beliefs reinforced awareness, and that became our biochemistry. The fact is that each cell in our body is aware of every thought we have, feeling we feel, and also beliefs that we hold.

Understand this way:

  • If you believe you are easily breakable. Then the biochemistry of your body undoubtedly follows and manifests that.
  • If you believe you are strong (regardless of weight and bone density), your body beyond any doubt reflects that.
  • If you believe you are depressed (more specifically, when you become consciously aware of being depressed). You imprint the sensory information you received with a judgment that was your point of view. It becomes a physical interpretation as you internalize it.

One of the examples is psychosocial dwarfism:

Children who believe and feel that they are unwanted or unloved translate the perceived absence of love to reduce the level of growth hormones. 

Contrary to popular belief, growth hormones are released on a pre-programmed schedule coded into any individual genes!

Now that you have understood that belief can be changed by thinking, and believing, and acting over it. Let us understand what it involves in changing any belief that no longer serves you.

Gary van Warmerdam explained it excellently. He has been guiding people for the last 20 years on how to change their belief systems? and emotions to personal change.

He is also the author of a book known as Mindworks. You can visit his blog page named for great articles related to belief systems, emotions, and more. 

According to him, there is a structure that makes up any belief. That can have seven or sometimes six different elements that make up belief.

It is like this:  

First comes a thought, belief, core beliefs, emotion, faith, identity. It drives our thoughts, behavior, and emotional reactions. He explained each element in detail in this video. Here is the link.

He provides a toolset at the end of the video that you can use to change your limiting beliefs.

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  2. You did a fantastic job, Miss Zeenat. The way you have explained is very simple and straightforward. The use of infographics and other relevant images helped me to gain knowledge in a fun-loving way. I would love to meet you or be a part of your seminars one day.

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