What is Self-talk – Time to Create a Reality for Yourself

We all talk to ourselves. A number of us do it consciously, while others do it unconsciously. Self-talk is nothing more than our way of thinking.

It could be like you had a meeting or an event yesterday, and just after that, you came to realize that you did not give your best.

And because of that one thought, you are still debating within yourself about what else you would have done to make that meeting better.

Self-talk was once considered a symptom of psychosis and treated for talking to themselves. And later, it was found that it is the way we think.

Have you noticed that the most interesting part about talking to yourself is that it requires two parts?

Essentially, I mean that the internal conversation you have is not a log but rather a dialogue between the two. Two parts of yourself are conversing or arguing with each other within you.

It is a place where you look at one point, and it is only you who looks at the other side of the point and makes a decision by communicating with yourself.

And as you begin to become aware of the inner dialogue of what you are saying to yourself about yourself or your future, you intentionally grow.

The moment you become aware of your inward conversation, you start participating in it consciously.

It is also known as waking up, and it is an important thing to happen in a person’s life.

According to Paul Solomon, we live in a world of average humans. And there are nearly 5.5 billion average humans on the planet.

Where inner conversation is 75% to 90% negative. 

According to research, when the average person talks to themselves, the content of their self-talk is 75% to 90% negative, scolding, and self-critical.

They become weaker as a result, and they stop believing in themselves.

Therefore, the ability to succeed in the future with these self-critical or hurtful conversations works against their best interests.

They respond to that inner dialogue by learning not to believe in themselves, putting limitations around themselves, and thus becoming weaker.

Average humans have a poor memory.

The average person has a poor memory, particularly for names, because they have difficulty remembering people’s names.

They most of the time talk about specific things.

The inner conversation of an average human is mostly about his future, past, other people, or relationships with other people.

However, he misses the most vital inner conversation with himself, which is about now or about the present moment. 

A person does not talk to himself about what is going on right now. And this is how the average human lives in the present, where he does not think about the present when having an inner conversation.

They either have conversations with themselves related to the past or future. And with very little attention paid to the present moment.

The person lives in the past. Maybe because he has accomplished something in the past which he is proud of today and enjoys having conversations related to that event with himself.

It could be about the book he wrote, achieving business goals, grades he had scored, trophies he had won, and so on.

And many times, thinking and living in past experiences. It could be about failed relationships, being cheated by close ones, living in poverty, and being mistreated by family members.

They tried to be alive in the past, which caused them not to be very alive right now.

On the other hand, some people talk to themselves about their future. And that conversation is similar to when I get married, get a job, complete my education, buy a new home or car, or do anything else.

What they are doing is postponing their lives and hoping to be alive in the future. Incredibly, some tried to be alive in the past, and some tried to be alive in the future, but they are not alive right now.

Even if you are in a pleasurable situation, such as having a morning walk in nature, surrounded by blissful people, you may think about problems at home or in life-related to money, health, or with other people.

And that keeps us away from paying attention to what is going on right now. Your minds go into things like, if it weren’t for that, I would be happy, or if it weren’t for that, I could be successful, and so on. But instead, you end up trying to make excuses for not being alive, happy, and experiencing the present moment.

We might someday realize that we have worked for 20-30-40 years to make a living. And then we realized that we were so concerned with making a living that we never made a life.

And by the time we finished making a living, it was too late to make a life.

What you need to know about self-talk is this:

Video source: Fearless Soul

The content of your self-talk conversation will influence various factors in your life that you should be aware of as they will shape your future, prosperity, health, relationships with others, and how you feel about yourself in lifeIsn’t it true that these are the most important things in life?

And do you know those things can be affected by the conversation that you have with yourself?

And here is the problem: our self-talk can sabotage all of these things. If you are doing that, then you should be aware of the worst aspect of the self-talk that you are engaging in.

The average human is unaware of the content of what they talk to themselves about themselves. If you ask them questions like, what do you tell yourself about yourself?

What is your opinion of yourself? Most people will tell you that they have no idea what they call themselves or what they say to themselves about themselves.

And the self-assured person who appears attractive, successful, and talented are the people who know what they talk about themselves and can tell you.

However, the average person is unaware of the content of their self-talk conversation.

They can not stop telling themselves things that sabotage their worth, ability to succeed, or relationship with the future. Because they do not know what they tell themselves.

And here is something else you should be aware of what Earl Nightingale has said. WE BECOME WHAT WE THINK ABOUT

He was an American radio speaker and author. Dealt with subjects related to human character development, motivation, and meaningful existence.

Earl Nightingale claims that it is the strangest secret in the world, holding the key to both success and failure. Because if you look throughout history, great wise men, teachers, and philosophers have disagreed on a wide range of issues.

But there is one point on which they are entirely and universally agreed. Though their statements appear different when read, they mean to say the same thing: we become what we think about.

And below is a short video where you will hear from Earl Nightingale about great people’s statements. And how they convey the same thing: we are what we think about.

Video source: Bee EPiC Daily

Now how does it function? Why are we becoming what you think?

Earl Nightingale put it like this: Assume a farmer who owns land that is fertile and productive. And land gives the farmer the choice to plant whatever he wants to on that land.

Furthermore, the land is unconcerned about what the farmer chooses to plant, and he is free to make his own decision.

The farmer has two seeds in his hand. One is corn seed, and the other is a nightshade, a harmful poison. On that land, he dug two tiny holes and planted one seed in each.

One is corn, and the other is nightshade. Then he covers the holes with soil and water and looks after the land daily.

Here you should remember that it does not care if the seed is poison seed of nightshade or abundant seed of corn. It grows whatever was sowed.

The man’s mind is similar to that land because it also does not care what type of thought you have planted, negative or positive. It will return what you had planted.

Also, the human mind is far more fertile, much more unbelievable, and fascinating than that land. And it works the same way as it does not care what we plant, success or failure.

A concrete, worthwhile goal or confusion, misunderstandings, worry, anxiety, and so forth. The mind has wealth beyond our wildest dreams. It will return whatever we planted. 

Choose what you want to seed in your mind.

According to Earl Nightingale, it is the most critical decision that you should make in your life. If you want to be a successful entrepreneur, wealthy, hold specific positions in your company, or anything else.

All you got to do is plant and nurture that seed in your mind. And if you work consistently toward your goal, it will soon become a reality.

And that it will become your reality regardless, as there is no way it can not. Because it is a law, similar to Isaac Newton’s law of gravity, that if you jump from the top of a building, you will always go down, never up. The same is true for all other natural laws, as they are inflexible and always work.

He recommends thinking about your goal in a relaxed, positive manner and visualizing yourself as if you have already accomplished it. Also, imagine yourself doing things you will do once you have achieved your goal.

Earl Nightingale explained that his age was known as the phenobarbital age. And it was marked by ulcers and nervous breakdowns.

It was a period when medical research had advanced them to a new level of health and longevity.

Many of them were concerned that they would die too soon and were attempting to cope with things in their unique ways without learning a few great laws which would have taken care of them.

And these were revealed to them through their habitual way of thinking: 

  • Each of us is made up of the sum of our thoughts.
  • He’s where he’s at because that’s where he wants to be, whether one admits it or not.
  • Each one of us must live the fruit of our thoughts in the future. Because what you think today, tomorrow, next month, and next year will shape your life. Determine your future as your mind guides you.

Time to create a reality you want for yourself

We all have inner conversations, also known as inner speech. However, there is something mind-blowing about it, and not everyone is aware of it.

And once you understand how to use it, you can begin to change your outside world to meet your desires. Yes, it sounds unbelievable that it is possible.

Neville Goddard was an American author who specialized in biblical studies, mysticism, and self-help.

He says that our world is a manifestation of how we have used inner speech. What does he mean by inner speech now?

It is nothing more than the internal self-talk or conversations that we all have with ourselves. And the fact that we are often unaware of what is going on inside our heads.

Maybe due to the noise and distractions in the outer world.

But whether or not we hear the words clearly and loudly, what we say internally literally shapes and creates our world.

According to Neville, our circumstances are the result of our self-talk.

That is why, when you try to change the external world without changing your inner world conversation, you will find yourself constantly struggling because that is not how things work.

Many people are unconscious of the impact of their internal dialogue. They tend to see themselves as victims of circumstances, and they begin blaming others for their situation.

It is crucial to understand that our inner speech has a direct impact on our outer reality.

Because thoughts become things, your external world reveals what is happening in your inner world or state of consciousness.

You might tell yourself daily:

  • I am not smart enough.
  • I am not fit to do this or that.
  • I don’t deserve such and such.
  • I need money. That implies you don’t have it right now or aren’t worthy of having it.
  • I’m either ugly or stupid.
  • I messed everything up.
  • No one will ever love me, or so and so is better, and so on.

You must have gotten the picture, and now tell me how you can feel good after telling yourself all of these things.

Consider someone saying those things aloud to another person, and the person who is listening to that person will feel empowered or disempowered. As the saying goes, “as within, so without.”

That is, whatever you say about yourself is a reflection of the world, and you strengthen it by believing it. The world will eventually agree with you and reflect your beliefs.

So, when you say all of these disempowering things, the rest of the world believes it’s your truth. It makes no difference to the world (universe), whether it is positive or negative.

It’s not like the universe wants you to have a bad life, but it gives you what you believe. It all comes down to realizing that you have the operating power to shape your destiny however you want.

So, how can you expect a positive outer world as a result of negative self-talk? No matter how tough, it will not happen.

As per Neville, whenever your inner speech and desires clash, your inner speech always wins.

Because you do not always attract what you want or desire, but you do attract what you are conscious of being.

So, whatever you’ve told yourself regularly has shaped your sense of self. As a result, the first step toward success in life is to become more aware of your self-talk.

So, instead of living in the mechanical negative self-talk that is usually left unchecked, you eventually master and direct your life to where you want it to go.

Because if you don’t check it out, your negative history will repeat itself, and you won’t know what’s wrong with you. The solution may necessitate some self-discipline, but it is straightforward.

You alter your language; you alter your life. So, if you have a desire, goals, or dreams, make your inner self-talk reflect that desire.

For example, suppose you have a desire and a goal. Examine your inner dialogue or voice and see if it matches.

Remember that no matter what you want, it is your mental activity that will change the course of your life.

Consciousness, according to Neville, is the only reality.

It is about moving into certain desired states and then having the correct language to reflect the right conscious state of our desire, being fulfilled.

So, instead of saying: 

One day, I’m going to do and have such and such things, “

Or maybe I’m going to do this or that one day.

Without a doubt, those are positive statements, but they still come from a place of unfulfilled desire.

That is why Neville recommends saying, “I am that I am.” It’s like this: what would you think, say, and do inwardly if you had everything you wanted or already had everything you wanted?

The language of your inner self-talk will shift from the future to the present tense.

Neville has a variety of examples that would imply the fulfillment of your desire or goal. And one of them is that I have a large, steady, dependable income consistent with integrity and mutual benefit.

And the short one could be, I am making a difference in the world. These are only suggestions; you are free to say whatever works best for you or sounds more natural to you.

Money comes easily to me, everything is falling into place, I love my health, I am strong, I am sufficient, or whatever resonates with you. Say these over and over again until you are inwardly affected by them.

Never lose until you are possessed by it, because your inner dialogue will awaken the mood, and Neville teaches that feeling is the key to it.

You know how many times all those negative words you say to yourself, not just the limiting ones, but even the hurtful ones. Also, the bad things people say about you online or in-person may have gotten into your head and are being replayed over and over.

And you may have unconsciously formed a self-identity with that by mentally repeating the negative opinions or judgments of others. That means that they are not true, that they are not you, that you are not those negative thoughts, and that you are the one observing those negative thoughts. And it is critical that you no longer identify with them.

According to Neville, in your life, you have infinite options between who you are and who you want to be. Remember that what you want already exists, but, to realize it, you must align your inner speech and actions with it.

Because what you are saying right now will shape your future, regardless of what others are saying. Ignore all types of fears and limitations that people, the news, and critics try to impose on you.

Ignore them outright and know that your inner voice is more powerful than theirs in terms of controlling your reality.

The sign will appear. You don’t have to try to predict the future; instead, you can create it through conscious inner speech.

And keep speaking to your purpose every day, and watch as your assumptions come to life through you, because what you believe is what you get.

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